AFCO Europe and our Austrian subsidiary Thonhauser GmbH were incorporated into Zep Inc. in 2017 and together we form the F & B Division within the Zep Group. We supply innovative and needs-based complete solutions in the field of hygiene technology for the food and beverage industry and specialize in solutions for industrial hygiene, process- and application technology.

We strive for maximum hygiene in the food producing industry and develop high-performance cleaning detergents and customized total solutions for the entire processing hygiene. We focus on developing products which are SAFE to apply, deliver VERIFYABLE cleaning results and hence increase your PRODUCT SAFETY and which can be applied in an EFFICIENT and GREEN way.
We focus on intelligent solutions with a strong focus on research and development.

Our experienced team supports you with your specific requirements by providing personal and competent consulting. Of course we help you through all challenges relating to “hygiene” with total product safety and cooperative guidance.


  • Verification service
  • Hygiene Monitoring, PCR-Analytics
  • Comprehensive hygiene trainings including Personnel Hygiene
  • Technical service including tap water sanitation
  • Installation and maintenance of dosing equipment
  • Trainings regarding perfect cleaning of dispensing equipment
  • Audit-preparation and preparation of hygiene plans and HACCP-concepts


  • High quality cleaning and disinfection detergents for all industries
  • Chemicals and measuring instruments based on the patented PST-colour indication
  • Equipment and application engineering

Innovations & Technology

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